Digging deep of a writer's grave They buried him with his soul I need to find that I need to live to that I need what was mine That is my salvation That animal is in the threat of extinction The wild fire is surrounded him Legs are fatigued He has no ages for a [...]


A wounded beast

A wounded beast is looking at me wounds got him immobile It is in my room for some days Screeching with a fearful face Every day I wake up with his screaming And every night fall as sleep with his mourn Sometimes I feel sorry for him But most times I am terrified He didn’t [...]

Nothing more

There we finally met and nothing more No places more I can find your traces We never meet again, that is the reality We will meet someday, that is fantasy In a parallel world where you belongs now When I find the doorway to there You left nothing to get me there And I have [...]


It was flexible and fragile Transparent, so made me transcend I was like some fuel - That not yet feel the heat Never be the luminous   It just reflects me back Reflect what I meant to be And there was some sparks in between And there was some flame before dark   Those are [...]

Now the star…

She wiped the dark clouds from her face Then the tears flow down on her cheek The water washed all the salts were in her mind Now there is a sun glancing The brightest of all time Don't know how much warmth does it have But it looks good, relaxed They say, all the stars [...]