Let go

Lost the way in betweenUnhanded the possessionsIt's the twilight I can blame onThe shrinking hope and rising gloomcouldn't bring the 'let go' spellEasefully sat for the melancholiaWaited for you set in that hill


She gone with the windLike a veil fall offThere wasn't an unoccupancyThe state of non pressure After the sun and rainThe wind repaidI Couldn't stand the pressureFailed to stand upfront


Strangers in a place, out of nowhereRecklessly towards the timeAll just freezed, and you let yourself inIt wasn't about the origin and terminusIt's the journey that brought us togetherOdds are Halley's comet I perceiveLeftovers and preservations are us Photo by Sachith Hettigodage from Pexels

Whiskey talks

We don't talk when we talkWe talk when we drinkWhat bothers youNo, it's not just the whiskeyThe mud eating monstersOr the sky scraping villainsMight be the vicious notionsDrink it up mateLet's talk it out Pic credit: pixabay


I wrote an apologyFor the moments I choose to liveThe thoughts I insist on selfThe things I couldn't place in regret Couldn't help outrun over meUnapologetically this apologyIs for seeking your attentionI'm afraid, this won't be my last one

Let me

Let me be the healer in your wounds Let me shine on your haunting nights Let me come along you Let me sit besides you

Just stay there for a while Let the dew glow with the sun on you Stay there half behind that open window There I can long sight you from here I can write a poem from you Just stay there Stay as my poetry


Let it be unsaid Although it is reflecting in my eyes Suddenly the monsoon stopped raining She didn't even recognized it Hot summers be like this Sweaty dusty unbearably Her clouded heart can cure this But she couldn't care And the monsoon days are running out This rain isn't necessary now But will be, for... Continue Reading →


When I going up the stairs with you I hope the stairs are infinite We are going up tirelessly Going with a purpose We are up against all odds And we are moving Walking up every bit Skipping none for our sake

Staying here

The darkest spots of mind getting darker Dark is heavy hence my heart All those unoccupied places Unoccupied forever for good This dramatic darkness will be the end or the beginning I would rather choose the staying darkness Over the leading lights I can't move from here My heavy heart is keeping me to stay... Continue Reading →

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